Resolutions: Lori Pohlman + Messy Marie Kondo + Nonlutions + Pod

5 min readJan 12, 2024

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How’s New Year treating you? We’re not halfway into January, yet already I’m jumpy over how it’s galloping by. Forget resolutions — I’m resolutely non-lutious, cuz making those would freak me out worse. At this point in my search for representation of the three novels I’ve written, I’m querying my ‘A list,’ deciding a deadline for if I should move onto ‘B list,’ and another for if it’s best to self-publish.

People who talk about how great self-publishing is are correct. But the magic (though not as simple as many imagine) of taking the helm of one’s publishing destiny applies to non-fiction topics and genre fiction categories that are easily googled. Marketing literary fiction, by contrast, is as google-able as the ocean is wide. Sure, one-in-a-gazillion Lotto winners exist. Set that aside for a moment, though. Think on Coca Cola or McDonald’s or whatever huge corporation that’s got plenty of name and brand recognition, moreover seats in cultural mythology — those giants never stop pouring money into advertising…

Never mind me and my wobbling nerves… I’m feeling better (alright, in a smug kinda way) once I learned Marie Kondo, queen of the tidies, says, “My home is messy,” since she’s now a mom of three

What I really want to get to is how taken I am by how today’s guest blogger’s posts are consistently written with candor, talent, and perseverance.

Author — public library manager — and former teacher — Lori Pohlman blogs from a historic Nevada parsonage where she, her husband, and three kitties live. Her articles appear in noteworth publications such as The Quarterly of the National Writing Project and California English. Read more about her and her novels at her site, LakeArrowheadLadyWriter.