Memoir of a Sex Addict by K E Garland + Meditation Apps + Pod

5 min readFeb 23, 2024
Photo of KE Garland by Maria Petrova of iammiliphoto&video

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Confession: I do my best to improve myself, to broaden my self-knowledge and empathy, but I’m not that great at it. Moreover, rarely does what I read, see, and hear on the topic resonate. My health insurance includes a meditation app filled with gazillions of celebs promising to teach emotional nirvana. 99.99% of them sound like such money-grubbing fakes that I can’t help myself from groaning, “Come on, now. How the #$% do people fall for them?!” Admittedly, I could be touchy, given my soothing-resistant turmoil over finding a literary agent for my novels

Step aside charlatans. K (Kathy) E Garland is the real deal.

Too bad Kathy’s not on the app — fingers crossed, maybe that’s just a matter of time? A genuine warrior of the soul, she lays bare her struggles, makes no bones that she’s a work in progress, and invites us to glean from her humility and wisdom.

Her blog, Kwoted, (she’s also the author of a string of books, an associate professor at a community college, and much more) is a soul-broadening cool-drink-of-water oasis free of bumpersticker-speak, memes, gifs, and photos of her manicures and meals.

Perhaps you remember her from when she guested here and here and here? This time around, she’s here to let us in on her latest book and goals…

Cover by Gisette Gomez.

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