Library Love + Jamora’s Writing Tips + Podcast

3 min readFeb 9, 2024
Video freeze frame from Los Angeles Library’s Work Ready: Careers in Hospitality, (left) Chef Mitchell Frieder, who teaches at the Hospitality Training Academy (HTA), and (right) community engagement coordinator Oleg Kagan.

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Writer that I am, I hate to think where I’d be without my local public library. Querying literary agents to represent my novels (click this for info on them) doesn’t leave me with a heck of a lot of time for learning how other people live. Today’s guest, further down this post, is totally correct that building good stories and characters requires experiencing the world.

One way I keep abreast of how others work and job-search is through the Los Angeles County Library’s Work Ready series of live zoom classes. Not to worry if you don’t have their library card — they’ve got a YouTube channel filled with videos of their many types of events. Here’s their Work Ready playlist.

This week, I was totally mind-blown by their Work Ready: Careers in Hospitality edition. Community engagement…