For You: A Clause-y Coffee Clatch Happy Holiday Wish + Podcast

2 min readDec 21, 2023

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Recently, my mom was getting her Covid booster, and since I’d already had mine, I browsed about the drug store. (Anything can be inspirational to a writer, no?About my books here.)

Beside a nearby spinner rack of local history books stood a coffee clatch of cuties…

and of course, since this is Southern California…

The sight of at least somewhat diverse Santas — along with the fact that a couple of dear ones are soon to visit — makes me feel, for once, non-Scrooge-ish about the holidays!

Maybe next year they’ll include even more types?…

Btw, you know the old saw about most deaths by suicide occurring at the end of the year? A social worker friend informed me that, thanks to increased awareness, it’s no longer true. Nowadays it’s the bleek months afterwards that plunge some of us into severe despair.

To be on the safe side, how about we all spend the entire year being kind to whomever we encounter?

Wishing you a season and new year filled with diversity and whimsy. I’m so very glad to be here with you!

Much love,


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